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Der kleine Harlekin, K.Stokhausen

Harlekin is a composition for clarinet by Karlheinz Stockhausen, named for the commedia dell' arte character Harlequin. The work is intended for a dancing clarinetist, with rhythmic dance steps and rotating movements accompanying the sounds of the clarinet.

In the interpretation by Rhea Paschen (clarinet) and Sabine van Schie (dance), the harlequin and a young mystical girl meet. The curiosity of the girl for the majestic sounds of the clarinet, and the, to her, extraordinary character playing it, develops in a comical cat and mouse game. Whereas the proud and stubborn harlequin is initially annoyed by the playfulness of the young girl, the harlequin realizes after chasing her away that she misses this mischievious little character, and a deep friendship is formed.

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