Peter Pan

A spectacle for young and old with Music, Dance & Shadow Theater
Premiere in August 2021

« Follow Peter and Wendy through the window, join Tontanz on an adventure to "Neverland". »

The well-known figure and shadow player Hansueli Trüb from Aarau and the TonTanz Ensemble, collaborate in this exciting new production. Music, dance, and drama blend together with shadow theater into a new work of art, freely based on the classic story of J.M. Barrie's Peter Pan. An exhilarating combination for young and old!

The story unfolds almost without words, because the music of TonTanz awakens the shadows and breathes life into the fantastical figures of the "Neverland". The audience is carried along with them.. into, or back into, childhood dreams of the "Neverland". 

Peter Pan is a fun and accessible way to ignite children's enthusiasm for classical music and the performing arts, and to experience and learn about the world of light and shadow's in a playful manner. 

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Probe Peter Pan