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TonTanz blends classical stories in a new way and delivers them on stage by combining chamber music  (Clarinet, Accordeon, Flute) and dance.

Our first production is based on the romantic ballet Giselle.

The ballet, based on a story written by the librettist Theophile Gautier, was first performed in Paris in 1841, and is still performed all over the world today.

We combined music from Eric Satie (Sports et divertissement), Camille Saint-Saëns (Tarantella) and a flute solo by Friedgund Göttsche-Nissner, to tell the tale of a young farmer girl, who falls deeply in love with a prince, until lies and betrayal break her innocent heart.


When she hears of the engagement of her beloved prince, Giselle, full of despair, starts dancing wildly (Tarentella), until her broken heart gives up and she dies.


She is reborn as a "Wili", the ghost of a woman who died of a broken heart, led by the terrifying Wili queen Myrtha. 
At night, the Wili's take revenge of the men that broke their hearts, by dancing with them until they die. 

Just like the many men that preceded him, Prince Albrecht cannot escape the merciless Myrtha, who takes him to revenge Giselle. On the other hand, Giselle, with her kindness and bravery, is able to save the farmer Hilarion, who was deeply in love with her, from the hatred of the Wili's.  When the morning arrives, she returns to her grave in peace. 

Past performances:

Aarberg, Mystische Aarberger Nacht, 10 November 2018 (info)

Zofingen, Palas, November 20 2018

Kulturhaus Helferei, Zurich, June 30 2019

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