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The seven lives of CARMEN

The seven lives of CARMEN

« What happens to a character, who is doomed to relive the same story, over and over again. »

“The seven lives of Carmen” is a story about the opera character Carmen, who is doomed to relive her story as long as it is played in the opera houses, and a music critic, who wrote the critics for the opera upon its release in Paris in 1875.

The music critic was responsible for the fact that the composer George Bizet never lived to see his fame for the opera of Carmen, and as a results, not the doors of heaven, but the gates of hell await him after his death. He is condemned by the Devil to take care of the thousand-fold murdered opera characters when they arrive in the afterlife, before they are summoned back by the opera houses over the world to dive back into their stories.

« Would you like to play God? »

One day, he comes face to face with the captivating personality of Carmen herself and involuntarily writes a whole new story. As many men before him, he falls for her charms, and tries to free her soul from the fate to be trapped in her story until eternity. Despite their efforts to change the course of her story, Carmen is stabbed again and again- until one day she makes a fundamental decision.


« The seven lives of Carmen »

In “The seven lives of Carmen” we combine Dance and Music from Michael Webster’s Carmen Rhapsody, and works from Stravinsky and Vivaldi.

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